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Full Series New English File Book (pdf, djvu), Audio CD, Multi CDRom & Test and Assessment

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Full Series New English File Book (pdf, djvu), Audio CD, Multi CDRom & Test and Assessment

This is the authors' golden rule when they choose texts and topics for every level of New English File. It ensures you get material that learners will enjoy reading and will want to talk about. Texts such as 'Are there really 31 hours in the day?' really help to generate opinion and discussion.They create a desire to communicate.
So, having created the desire, New English File then helps you to develop learners' communication skills. One way it does this is with a strong focus on pronunciation.
Research shows that poor pronunciation is a major contributor to breakdowns in communication (Jennifer Jenkins: The Phonology of English as an International Language, Oxford University Press).
New English File integrates pronunciation into every lesson - the 'little and often' approach - but that's not all.
The unique English File Sounds Chart puts a picture to each sound in the phonetic alphabet, so learners find it easier to remember the sounds and, ultimately, improve their pronunciation.
Full Series New English File Book (pdf, djvu), Audio CD & Multi CDRom
Full Series New English File (NEF) Includes:
+ Student's Book
+ Class Audio CDs
+ Student's Book MultiPACKs
+ Teacher's Book with Test and Assessment CD-ROM
+ Workbook with MultiROM (with and without key)

Download links; [Book (pdf, djvu), Audio CD & Multi CDRom]
0. Beginner
+ NEF Beginner Students Book.pdf
+ NEF Class CD1 (begin).7z
+ NEF Class CD2 (begin).7z
+ NEF Class CD3 (begin).7z
+ NEF Beginner Teachers Book.pdf
+ NEF Beginner Workbook.pdf
+ NEF Workbook Audio CD.7z
+ NEF BeginnerTest & Assessment CD-ROM.iso
+ NEF Beginner TestsAudio.7z
+ NEF Beginner Multi CDRom.iso
+ NEF Beginner Supplementary Resources.7z
1. Elementary
+ NEF Students book (elem).pdf
+ NEF Class CD01 (elem) split up.7z
+ NEF Class CD02 (elem) split up.7z
+ NEF Class CD03 (elem) split up.7z
+ NEF Teachers book (elem).djvu
+ NEF Workbook (elem).pdf
+ NEF Workbook key (elem).pdf
+ NEF Test Booklet (elem).pdf
+ NEF Multi CDRom (elem).nrg
+ NEF Test and Assessment CD-ROM (elem).iso
2. Pre-Intermediate
+ NEF Students book (pre-int).pdf
+ NEF Class CD1 (pre-int).mp3
+ NEF Class CD2 (pre-int).mp3
+ NEF Class CD3 (pre-int).mp3
+ NEF Teachers book (pre-int).pdf
+ NEF Workbook (pre-int).pdf
+ NEF Workbook key (pre-int).djvu
+ NEF Test Booklet (pre-int).pdf
+ NEF Multi CDRom (pre-int).iso
+ NEF Test and Assessment CD-ROM (pre-int).iso
3. Intermediate
+ NEF Intermediate Students book.djvu
+ NEF Intermediate CD1.7z
+ NEF Intermediate CD2.7z
+ NEF Intermediate CD3.7z
+ NEF Intermediate Teachers book.pdf
+ NEF Intermediate workbook.djvu
+ NEF Intermediate workbook key.djvu
+ NEF Intermediate Test Booklet.pdf
+ NEF-Intermediate-MultiCDRom.iso
+ NEF Intermediate Test and Assessment CD-ROM.iso
+ NEFIPlus_Student_Book.pdf
+ NEFIPlus_Audio CD.rar
+ NEFIPlus_Workbook_with_Key.pdf
4. Upper Intermediate
+ NEF Upper-int Students book.pdf
+ NEF Upper-int Students Audio CD1.7z
+ NEF Upper-int Students Audio CD2.7z
+ NEF Upper-int Students Audio CD3.7z
+ NEF Upper-int Students Audio CD4.7z
+ NEF Upper-int Teachers book.pdf
+ NEF Upper-int Workbook.pdf
+ NEF Upper-int Workbook_Audio CD.7z
+ NEF Upper-int Workbook key.pdf
+ NEF Upper-int MultiCDROM.iso
+ NEF Upper-int Test and Assessment CD-ROM.iso
+ NEF Upper-int TestAudio CD.7z
+ NEF Upper-int Test_Key.7z
5. Advanced
+ NEF Advanced Students Book.pdf
+ NEF Class CD01 (advan).7z
+ NEF Class CD02 (advan).7z
+ NEF Class CD03 (advan).7z
+ NEF Class CD04 (advan).7z
+ NEF Advanced Teachers Book.pdf
+ NEF Advanced Workbook.pdf
+ NEF Advanced Workbook Audio CD.7z
+ NEF Advanced Study link.pdf
+ NEF Advanced Weblinks.pdf
+ NEF Advanced Wordlist(pdf,doc).7z
+ NEF Advanced Grammar Checker.pdf
+ NEF Advanced MultiCDROM.iso
+ NEF Advanced Test and Assessment CD-ROM.iso
+ NEF Advanced TestAudioCD.7z

DVD Video;
+ DVD Video Beginner.7z - 1GB
+ DVD Video Elementary.7z - 2.65GB
+ DVD Video Intermediate.7z - 1.8GB
+ DVD Video Upper Intermediate.7z - 3GB
+ DVD Video Advanced.7z - 3.6GB 

Reader *.djuv: DjVuLibre
Reader *.nrg, *.iso: Deamon Tool (Lite)
Reader *.vob: VLC media player
07 Oct 2013
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what the deferace between this course and American English File? PLZ i need to know.

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Hi, only the 'Advanced' links work

February 18, 2017 at 2:18 AM delete

Hello dear, I'm really in need of seeing through these files you've posted, mainly the Intermediate on. As you've said above that if any of the links are dead we should notice you, please just tell us where else we could get those files. I was wondering if you could share your Google Drive sharing link for these files please :)

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Hugo Pereira
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The elementary ones

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Can you pls reupload the Upper inter links, they're all dead :/+Thanks

Nidya Galindo
November 13, 2017 at 6:49 AM delete

All links dead, I could just download mygrammarlab advance. I find all these books amazing but it's been impossible to download the others.